Technical Program

Tuesday, December 20th
Time Location    
08:30-10:00   Workshop 1
      Prof. Hamed Majedi. MM-Wave/THz Amplification and Optical Nonlinearity
10:30-12:00   Workshop 2
      Prof. Omar Ramahi. Electrically-Small Resonators as the Lego of Electromagnetic Systems
14:00-15:30   Workshop 3
      Dr. Amir Nader Askarpour. mm-wave Imaging for Security Applications
Wednesday, December 21st
08:00-10:00 ECE Conference Hall Session 1: Opening and Keynote 1; Session Chairs: Prof. F. Hojat Kashani, Dr. L. Yousefi
      Prof. Omar Ramahi, Harvesting the Energy of the Electromagnetic Wave - From Tesla to THz and Beyond
10:30-12:30 Room 202, ECE Building no. 2 Session 2A: Graphene and Metamaterial; Session Chairs: Prof. A. Tavakoli, Dr. T. Pakizeh, Dr. M. Mohammad Taheri
10:30-10:50     Asad Amirhosseini, Ramin Emadi, Mohammad Karimi and Reza Safian. Hot-Carrier Assisted Photo-Thermoelectric Current Using Nano-plasmonic Structures in GFET
10:50-11:10     Ramin Emadi, Asad Amirhosseini, Mohammad Karimi and Reza Safian. Design of Low Loss Waveguide Switch Using Graphene Strips at THz Frequencies
11:10-11:30     Nasrollah Karampour and Najmeh Nozhat. Triple-band metamaterial absorber based on electric excitation of split ring resonator magnetic resonance
11:30-11:50     Mohammad Karimi, Seyyed Asad Amirhosseini, Ramin Emadi and Reza Safian. Analysis and Improvement of Photo-thermoelectric Current in Waveguide-Fed Graphene FETs
11:50-12:10     Elnaz Shokati and Nosrat Granpayeh. Wideband cloaking by using inhomogeneous nanostructured graphene metasurface for tunable cloaking in the terahertz regime
12:10-12:30     Mohammad Sadegh Zare, Najmeh Nozhat and Reza Rashiditabar. Absorption enhancement in tunable graphene based plasmonic absorber
10:30-12:30 Room 203, ECE Building no. 2 Session 2B: MMW Applications; Session Chairs:Prof. J. Rashed, Prof. H. Oreizi, Dr. P. Dehkhoda
10:30-10:50     Hanieh Aliakbari, Abdolali Abdipour, Alessandra Costanzo, Diego Masotti, Rashid Mirzavand and Pedram Mousavi. Performance Investigation of Space Diversity for a 28/38 GHz MIMO Antenna (Applicable to mm-Wave mobile network)
10:50-11:10     Mahsa Keshavarz Hedayati, Abdolali Abdipour, Reza Sarraf Shirazi, Matthias John, Max J. Ammann and Robert Bogdan Staszewski. A 38 GHz On-Chip Antenna in 28-nm CMOS using Artificial Magnetic Conductor for 5G Wireless Systems
11:10-11:30     Mohammad Ali Khosrovani Moghaddam, Mohammad Hossein Sadrearhami and Amir Ahmad Shishegar. Evaluating the Capacity of Indoor Millimeter wave MIMO System Using Closed-form Green’s Function
11:30-11:50     Ehsan Rashidi-Ranjbar and Mojtaba Dehmollaian. Millimeter-Wave Imaging; A Comparative Study
11:50-12:10     Owrang Vosoughi-Niri and Karim Mohammadpour-Aghdam. A 77 GHz Stepped Diffractive Dielectric Lens with Enhanced Directivity and Reduced SLL
12:10-12:30     Soheil Yasini and Karim Mohammadpour Aghdam. Design and Simulation of a Comb-line fed Microstrip Antenna Array with low side lobe level at 77GHz for Automotive Collision Avoidance Radar
14:00-14:50 ECE Conference Hall Session 3: Keynote 2; Session Chairs: Prof. A. Mohammadi, Dr. F. Azadi Namin
      Prof. Hamed Majedi. Quantum Electromagnetics: From Microwave to Photonics
14:50-16:10 Room 202, ECE Building no. 2 Session 4: Circuits and Devices; Session Chairs: Prof. F. Farzaneh, Pro. M. K. Moravvej Farshi, Dr. E. Mehrshahi
14:50-15:10     Mostafa Abdolhamidi and Mahmoud Mohammad-Taheri. Contact-Free solution for millimeter-wave on-wafer VNA measurements
15:10-15:30     Behzad Ahmadi and Ali Banai. A Power Divider/Combiner Realized by Ridge Gap Waveguide Technology for Millimeter Wave Applications
15:30-15:50     Ali Hosseini-Fahraji, Karim Mohammadpour-Aghdam and Reza Faraji-Dana. Millimeter Wave Rectangular Waveguide to Grounded CPW Transition on Multi-Layer Substrate
15:50-16:10     Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Naghavi and Reza Faraji-Dana. Tunable Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonance Sensor for the Detection of Dielectric Loss of Small Volume Liquid Samples
16:30-18:10 Room 202, ECE Building no. 2 Session 5: Plasmonics/THz Applications; Session Chairs: Dr. N. Granpayeh, Dr. Kh. Mehrani, Dr. M. Neshat
16:30-16:50     Farhad Azadi Namin. Tunable and Polarization Insensitive Plasmon Resonance Gratings Based on Spheroidal Nanoparticles
16:50-17:10     Amir Chekini, Samad Sheikhaei and Mohammad Neshat. A Novel Plasmonic Nanoantenna Structure for Solar Energy Harvesting
17:10-17:30     Atefe Fazel Najafabadi and Tavakol Pakizeh. Chirality of Stacked Plasmonic Nanorods
17:30-17:50     Omid Panahi, Mehrdad Kheyrollahi Kouhanestani, Bahareh Yahyaei and Mahdi Mousavi. THz Non-Destructive Testing for Covered Defects
17:50-18:10     Omid Panahi, Bahareh Yahyaei, Mehrdad Kheyrollahi Kouhanestani, Mahdi Mousavi, Mohammad Reza Darbani and Abdollah Eslami Majde. Terahertz time domain spectroscopy for mixture detection: A quantitative study
Thursday, December 22nd
08:30-09:30 ECE Conference Hall Session 6: Keynote 3; Session Chairs: Prof. M. Shahabadi, Dr. M. Dehmollaian
      Prof. Ke Wu, TBA
10:00-12:00 Room 202, ECE Building no. 2 Session 7: THz Generation and Detection; Session Chairs: Prof. R. Faraji-Dana, Dr. A. Shishegar, Dr. A. N. Askarpour
10:00-10:20     Shahram Bahadori-Haghighi, Rahim Ghayour and Mohammad Hossein Sheikhi. Ultrashort Terahertz Cross-Bar Switch Based on a Graphene Plasmonic Directional Coupler
10:20-10:40     Mohammad Bashirpour, Saman Ghorbani, Matin Forouzmehr, Mohammadreza Kolahdouz and Mohammad Neshat. Optical Absorption Enhancement in LTG-GaAs for Efficiency Improvement of THz Photoconductive Antennas
10:40-11:00     Saman Ghorbani, Mohammad Bashirpour, Matin Forouzmehr, Mohammadreza Kolahdouz and Mohammad Neshat. Simulation of THz Photoconductive Antennas Loaded by Different Metallic Nanoparticles
11:00-11:20     Morteza Karimi Hosseinabadi, Fazel Jahangiri, Ali Reza Niknam and Reza Massudi. Dynamics of THz angular distribution radiated from air plasma produced by two-color laser pulses
11:20-11:40     Taghi Mohamadi and Leila Yousefi. Detectivity Enhanced IR Detectors using Metamaterials
11:40-12:00     Mohammad Javad Mohammad-Zamani, Mohammad Kazem Moravvej-Farshi and Mohammad Neshat. Radiation Enhancement in Unbiased Array of CW Terahertz Photomixer Emitters with Nano-Slit Waveguide Resonant Modes